Tirza Gradwohl

Born 1968 in Basel, Switzerland, I was early on engaged in dance and music. 

During my six years stay in New York, I learned African and Brasilian dance and Hatha Yoga from inspirational teachers.

Besides I got a degree as a Fashion Designer, where I could dwell in my special liking for colors, forms and fabrics. 

"Core-energetics" and "Pathworks by Pierrakos" guided me on my path to my center and my inner strength.

Back in Zurich I trained to be an Esalen® Massage Practitioner. In Munich I added to this form of

healing touch Lomi Lomi and Lomi Lomi 'Oluea massage.

From my long experience as a body therapist I developed my own technique: "Heilende Kraft der Berührung".

I started to learn "Inner Martial Arts" and became a "Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapy".

All these elements you can find in my movement and woman workshops: "The goddess moves®" / "Die Göttin bewegt sich®".